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A History of Protecting Healthcare Professionals

Rothband started life in the Manchester home of “W.S” himself manufacturing small makeup/sponge bags from waterproof cloth. Rubber sheeting, (“WSRM” trademark) for bed protection, was the mainstay of the business by the turn of the century and continued to be a major line, selling all over the world and to hospitals in the UK until the 1950s.

Around 1910 a relative working in the rainwear industry with a chemistry background introduced the idea of leaded rubber for use as an “X-RAY CLOTH” – hence the Rothband lead apron was born.

The earliest surviving sales literature is dated 28th January 1911; the “proof” radiograph is reproduced here, together with an early example of our catalogue. Unfortunately, we cannot claim to have protected Rontgen, but we know of no other current manufacturer with a longer history in the field!
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

2015, A New Beginning

In 2015, the business was sold by the Rothband family, to the Dixon family. 

The Husband and Wife team are both trained Radiographers. Paul left clinical sometime ago holding management positions in a number of medical device companies. Lyndsey prefers to maintain her clinical involvement and continues to work as a Mammographer.

We are proud to be Radiographers, and feel that our knowledge positions us well to understand our customers.

A Radiographers Resource

In addition to the extensive range of radiation protection, Rothband have extended their product portfolio to include a wide range of accessories designed to help medical imaging professionals deliver a better level of patient care. 

Whether that be a new type of positioning pad, or a DICOM communication tool, we are constantly looking for new products to help add value.


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Always Innovating

It is important to us to continue to push things forward.

We are constantly looking to work with healthcare professionals who have new ideas to help obtain better radiographs and/or provide better levels of patient care.

Click the link below to see some examples of how we have brought new ideas to market.