CGA color and grayscale auto-calibration
Jushas latest, patented,technology - CGA grayscale and color auto-identify technology. Distinguishes the color and grayscale pixel from the input signal and provides DICOM calibration for grayscale images and GAMMA calibration for color images. CGA makes it possible for the perfect coexistence of grayscale and color images on the same screen, and guarantees the diagnostic accuracy.
More images can be displayed simultaneously
High resolution, grayscale, brightness, adapt to the requirements of a variety of film-reading
More images can be displayed simultaneously
High resolution, grayscale, brightness, adapt to the requirements of a variety of film-reading
Ins-guard real-time DICOM auto-calibration system
DICOM calibration includes two aspects, one is accuracy calibration before leaving the factory and the other is real-time calibration after leaving the factory. The Ins-guard system, which has been developed by Jusha, is an accurate, DICOM real-time auto-calibration system. The luminance in the central part is monitored by a built-in meter, which also feeds back the control information and auto-calibrates pixel luminance in the LCD panel, ensuring the luminance output comply with DICOM standard.
Brightness Immediatley Arise (BIA) - Instant View Technology
The brightness of a diagnostic monitor, is expected to arise and maintain stable immediately after the monitor is switched on. The stability of the brightness is one of the most important foundations for the nidus observation. Normally, it will take 20 minutes for the traditional monitors reach the stable and required luminance. JUSHA developed BIA (Brightness immediately arise technology), to shorten the waiting time for stable status after activation to 30s by the innovation of a luminance driver program.
SmarTouch® patent - Confidence in viewing conditions
The correct viewing conditions are critical to the correct diagnosis of an image. More and more radiology reports are performed outside of the hospital and in offices and homes around the world. They hope the review is done under low luminance and the observation of features is under high luminance. To reduce the visual fatigue during the review, Jusha developed SmarTouch® patent. The luminance can be changed by tapping the SmarTouch button, and the luminance remains stable immediately based on the BIA technology. It guarantees an accurate diagnosis as well as visual protection to the Radiologists / Radiographers reporting.
Remote smart energy-saving Eco-guardian
Jusha professional medical display is equipped with Eco-guardian function, which can be used for detection of the existence of users in front of the monitor. The monitor can get into a standby status in a setting time to save energy. Moreover, it can identify the users and other lifeless objects like chairs, making the operation smarter and more convenient.