New Rothband Patient Lift for Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow

GJ 220The X-ray Department at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Glasgow has recently taken delivery of the MD220 Patient Lifting platform from Rothband.

 The Platform allows standing examinations of Feet, Ankles, Knees, etc., without the patient having to climb onto an unsuitable step. This also reduces the amount bending and crouching by radiographers as they can position patients, for these examinations, at a more comfortable height.

The system is air powered, and can lift 220kg (34st) to 61cm.  This also means the rate of ascent and descent can be controlled, and the patient can always be returned to ground level in the event of power failure.

The unit is transportable, with easy to operate castors which enable effortless movement between rooms, but are easily disengaged to ensure a stable platform when in use.

The open design allows for easy access to the patient for positioning and checking.

Accessories available include a safety rail, half step and multi-function platform which enables most standing exams, including DP feet, to be performed on the unit.