The Optimus Range - Lightweight, Lead Free X-Ray Aprons

The medical profession is constantly changing. New technology is always being introduced, and to continually meet the highest standards you must keep up with new methods and materials. This is what Rothband has always strived for – superior X-Ray protection technology that’s better than the rest. Previously, medical professionals have had to make a compromise between protection and wearer comfort. We saw this as a major problem – and so, our lead-free aprons are a great solution.

The Optimus Range is lightweight, lead-free and offers the user a great deal more comfort and manoeuvrability. The range redefines what a user should expect from X-Ray radiation protection. Rothband has struck a perfect balance between ultimate protection and comfort, with no compromises whatsoever.

Included in the Optimus Range as standard:

  • Innovative Edge Bilayer Lead-Free core material – offering superior protection against scatter radiation and absorbed dose at a lighter weight than standard lead
  • A choice from a comprehensive range of outer and inner fabrics
  • New comfort binding in a choice of Red, Blue or Black
  • A chest pocket with up to two lines of embroidery (11 characters per line maximum)
  • Integrated Weight Adjuster Belt to take weight off the shoulders

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All aprons in the Optimus Range are manufactured in the UK by Rothband.

All Rothband aprons conform to the new standard BS-EN 61331-1:2014

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