Standard Aluminium Grids

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These stationary aluminium grids are placed between the patient and the X-ray film to reduce scatter radiation and thus improve image contrast. They are made in parallel or focussed formats, with an aluminium interspacing and aluminium outer covers. We provide a variety of sizes, as below:

  • 24 x 30cm
  • 35 x 43cm

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Aluminium Grids


  • Aluminium construction
  • 8:1 ratio
  • 40 lines only
  • Parallel or Focused options available
  • 24 x 30cm or 35 x 43cm
  • Order alongside our Grid Lids or Grid Covers for a degree of protection

Product Codes: Add ‘F’ or ‘P’ to end of code for either Focussed or Parallel

S243840 (24x30cm) | S354840 (35x43cm)

Grid Size

24 x 30cm, 35 x 43cm

Parallel or Focused

Parallel, Focused


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