Head End Table Shield

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The Head End Table Shield is a lower body shield  that substantially reduces exposure to scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body. It comprises a lightweight and durable structure with a fixed central section and two pivotal side arms supporting a flexible 0.50 mm lead equivalent curtain. The shield slides onto a carbon fibre table top and protects medical staff at the head end or others close-by.

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Head End Table Shield
  • Pivotal arms can form 32cm wide wings around the user or extend forward. Either side can be quickly repositioned to allow for full C-arm movement
  • Arms fold inwards when the shield is stored on the supplied wall rack
  • Size: approximately 120cm wide (dependent on table width) x 80cm high
  • Please specify size and make of the table
  • Head end table shield and wall rack
  • By quotation only