Accusorb Small Torso / Leg Wrap

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Accusorb is an innovative and easy-to-use technology that dramatically simplifies MR imaging. Accusorb works by physically restricting the scanner’s field of view via radio-frequency absorbtion and isolation, keeping unwanted areas outside the established field from wrapping into the image.

Accusorb products virtually eliminate ‘image wrap-around’ ‘ghosting’ and unwanted artefacts, limiting the need to use the anti-aliasing system software option.

Benefits include:

  • Improved patient throughput
  • Reduction in scan times
  • Minimised patient manipulation, software adjustment and scan analysis times
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Eliminated noise caused by implants or onplants that are MRI safe
  • Easy wipe surfaces for cleaning

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Accusorb Small Torso / Leg Wrap

The Accusorb Range provides the following benefits:

  • For the Patient
    • Natural positioning results in more comfort
    • Less starts and stops to upset the patient
    • Good image on the first scan means shorter time in scanner
  • For the Technician
    • Application driven sizes and shapes for ease of use
    • Initial setup generates a final image
    • Less patient manipulation
    • Less patient complaints
    • Easily do otherwise technically difficult scans
    • No need to use ant-aliasing software for most scans
    • Scan time can be reduced up to 60%
  • For the Radiologist
    • Initial images are right
    • Saves time in diagnosis
    • Less manipulation of images
    • Improved image quality
    • Faster read times
    • Better productivity
  • For the MRI Manager
    • Durable materials last for years
    • More patient throughput
    • Lower cost per scan
    • Better profitability


  • 61 x 76cm

Product Code: M05