Akucal Evo Suction ™

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Scaling an x-ray image is fundamental to assure the highest level of accuracy, The Akucal Evo Suction™ is the predecessor of the most versatile and best-selling calibration stand on the market.

Featuring a suction-base that allows for use on both horizontal table tops and on vertical wall bucky-boards, making the stand a single source solution for all scaling needs. Alongside a radiolucent sphere holder and sphere size indicator unit, this ensures the ideal visibility of the sphere in the image as well as the sphere size. Simply place the suction base near the area of interest and use the flexible arm to position the marker at anatomy level.

Available in three sphere sizes: 25mm, 25.4mm, 30mm – please select required size from the drop-down box below!

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Akucal Evo Suction ™


  • Fully covered and positionable arm allows for easy sanitation
  • Please be advised that a smooth flat surface is essential for best results
  • The Akucal is available with a perspex base which is ideal for placement on trolleys and beds
  • The sphere marker is removable and available in three sizes: 25mm, 25.4mm or 30mm
  • Further information at http://www.j2medical.com

Product Codes: AKS250 (25mm sphere) / AKS254 (25.4mm sphere) | AKS300 (30mm sphere)


Sphere Size

25mm, 25.4mm, 30mm


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