MRI Patient Trolley Basic Plus

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The MRI Patient Trolleys are constructed from non-ferrous materials with minimal magnetic flux and are suitable for use in conjuction with Magnetic Response Imagers and Scanners. Safe to 8 Tesla.

The MRI Patient Trolley Basic Plus comes as the Basic model but with an additional full length gas strut assisted tilting top, Trendelenberg tilt and the adjustable backrest via ratchet mechanism.

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MRI Patient Trolley: Basic Plus

  • Fixed Height
  • Trendelenberg Tilt
  • Fitted with spirit level for a quick visual level
  • Adjustable backrest (2 ratchets)
  • Twin hook IV pole & storage
  • Twin rail folding safety sides
  • Anti-static 50mm pad with retaining hooks
  • Corner buffer rails/handle
  • 4 Braked Anti-Static 125mm wheels
  • 280 kgs advised, 300 max weight limit
  • 2120 x 690 x 840mm (L x W x H)


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