Clip-On L & R Markers

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These radiographic Clip-On Markers are for use during x-ray imaging procedures and clip on to most types of cassettes. They are of stainless steel construction and feature an engraved ‘L’ on one side and ‘R’ on the other, with AP and PA options available depending on your needs, or we can offer as a set for extra value.

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Clip-On Markers: L & R : AP/PA
  • These markers clip on to the cassette and fit most sizes
  • Feature an engraved ‘R’ and ‘L’ on each side of the clip
  • AP and PA options available – or order as a set

Product Codes: CL1A (AP) | CL1P (PA) | CL1S (AP/PA Set)



AP, PA, Pair AP/PA

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