Ferlic Filter: Swimmers / Lateral Hip

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Improves image quality by filtering and collimating.

We stock 3 standard fittings – G.E. 164mm, Philips 169mm and Siemens 176mm.

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Ferlic Filter: Swimmers / Lateral Hip


  • Even density of x-rays and image from C1 to T1
  • Even density on Lateral hips from acetabulum to the distal femur
  • Perfect compliment to Lateral Hip Support
  • Even density of x-rays and image from C1 to T1
  • Reduce overall patient exposure and medical staff dose
  • Increase patient throughput (no wait for medical staff to apply traction etc.)
  • Reduce costs and eliminate retakes
  • Shows all radiological information at one window and level setting
  • With conventional film, works best with low contrast ‘L’ films e.g. Kodak T-mat L, Fuji HRL etc
  • Works equally well with analogue and digital radiography both CR & DR
  • Our picture shows C7 with filter on the left and without filter on the right

Ease of Use of Swimmers and Lateral Hip Ferlic Filters – 5 Steps:

  1. Position patient as normal
  2. Slide filter into position at light beam diaphragm
  3. Open Filter & Focus
  4. Close Filter & Expose
  5. Remove Filter

Rothband is the sole EC Agent for Swimmers Ferlic Filters and Lateral Hip Ferlic Filters

Trade enquiries welcome.

Tube Head

Siemens 176mm, G.E. 164mm, Phillips 169mm