Fish Tank Leg Support

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The Fish Tank Leg Support is designed to elevate a patients contralateral lower limb to allow the imaging of the affected one. Typically for a lateral hip of Lateral femur exposure following trauma. The device can be placed on an imaging table, bed or trolley and positioned close to the patients hip so that it can support a limb in flexion.

Designed as a more infection control friendly lateral leg support. It features rubber feet on the distal aspect to prevent slippage, as well as infection control friendly PU slings that can be removed for cleaning and replaced, if necessary.

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Fish Tank Leg Support


  • Designed to hold the patients leg at the ideal height
  • The patient’s lower leg is supported comfortably in the sling with the foot resting off the edge of the device
  • Rubber feet on the distal aspect to prevent slippage
  • Strong, radiolucent PTEG design is less dense than perspex, creating less artefact
  • Infection control friendly PU sling, that can be removed for cleaning and if necessary, replaced

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