Upholstered Set – FP71

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The Upholstered Set of foam positioning aids consists of 3 pieces in total and utilise our upholstered, heavy duty, grey vinyl covers. The set consists of:

  • 1 x FP21 – Large 45º Back Rest (46 x 46 x 46cm)
  • 1 x FP29 – Spinal Wedge 45º (18 x 60 x 18cm)
  • 1 x FP32 – Multi-Angle Wedge 30,60 & 90º (60 x 25 x 18cm)
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Upholstered Set
  • Set of 3 Foam Pads
  • Available in the following foam types:
    • Upholstered
  • The standard colour of the covers is grey vinyl
  • All foam is CMHR (fire retardant) to F&F (Fire Safety) regulations 1988
  • N.B: Edges may show on certain views and when using low kVs. This applies to Coated, Closed Cell & Covered foam pads.


Upholstery Colour