Grayshield CT Eye Shields

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The GrayShield Eye Shields are the result of extensive research to develop the most technically advance and cost-effective shielding for patients undergoing CT and X-Ray procedures. The shields and materials have been tested independently by Singleton Hospital’s Radiation Protection Service in the department of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering and provide approximately 40% dose reduction.

The self-adhesive eye shields are recommended for single-use only and are sold in packs of 50 individual units.

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Grayshield CT Eye Shields – Box of 50
  • Features hypoallergenic adhesive tabs to ensure the shield is fitted properly
  • Designed for one-time use only, to prevent possible contamination
  • Sold in packs of 50 individual units
  • 40% attenuation in CT scan configurations, 40%+ dose reduction throughout the range of 50kV to 150kV
  • Made from Barium Sulphate and can be disposed safely through normal waste procedures
  • Material performance certified by the UK Health Protection Agency, a department of the National Radiological Protection Board
  • We also supply Grayshield CT Thyroid Shields



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