Kyoto Multipurpose Chest ‘Lungman’ Phantom

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This is a multipurpose phantom which is applicable for both plain radiography and CT scanning. The phantom provides life-like radiographs very close to actual clinical images. The three dimensional structure allows both PA and LATERAL images to be obtained. The inner components consisting of mediastinum, pulmonary vasculature and an abdomen block are easily detachable, allowing insertion of mimic tumors or other lesions. The unique radiological substitute material and the elaborate three-dimensional modeling of pulmonary vessels offer the most life-like X-ray and CT images. A combination of various approaches will enrich the training opportunities.

Datasheet: PH-1 Multi Purpose Chest Lungman Phantom (41 downloads)


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Kyoto Lungman Phantom

Training Skills:

  • Plain radiography: Radiograph training, interpretation training, assessment of tube voltages, films and other devices
  • Computed tomography: CT scan training, interpretation training, assessment of computer-aided detection systems
Internal Organs:
  • Synthetic bones embedded mediastinum
  • Heart
  • Trachea
  • Pulmonary vessels (right and left)
  • Abdomen (diaphragm) block: no internal structure
The Set Includes:
  • 1 male chest torso
  • 15 simulated tumours (15 variations – 1 piece each)
    • 3 variatities of Hounsfield number approx -800, -630, +100
    • 5 sizes for each type diameters: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2cm
  • Optional:
    • Lungs of urethane
    • Liver RI container
    • Pulmonary nodule RI container
    • Mediastinum with left myocardium container
    • Simultated tumours
    • Chest plates to simulate a larger body type and X-ray absorption
    • Storage case


  • Phantom size: 43x20248cm, chest girth 94cm
  • Phantom weight: 18kg


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