Lateral Scatter Shield

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Rothband, along with the Cardiology team at Royal Stoke University Hospital, are pleased to present the latest addition to their protection portfolio. The Lateral Scatter Shield has been developed with staff at the Royal Stoke University Hospital to help reduce the scatter radiation received during radial access procedures. These upper limb access techniques place the operator closer to the primary beam which potentially increases their exposure to scatter radiation.  The Lateral Scatter Shields carbon fibre blade has been engineered to be radiolucent, whilst the sides integrate 0.5mm of lead to protect an operator from the scatter radiation being emitted from the patient. The unit has been designed to be simple to install and completely adaptable to a number of endovascular scenarios making it a very versatile addition to an imaging department’s radiation protection arsenal.

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Lateral Scatter Shield

The Scatter Shield system, integrates 0.5mm LE protection into the sides of a radiolucent carbon fibre board and this provides additional protection against scatter radiation emitting from the patient during the procedure.

Device Structure

1 – Carbon fibre upper – lead lined with 0.5 mm LE (15cm)
2 – Carbon fibre curved – lead lined with 0.5 mm LE (10cm)
3 – Carbon fibre blade – no lead lining with 0.4% attenuation

Available with foam support pillow for padding under the arm, if desired. Pad features PV cover so is easily wiped clean.


Scatter Shield, Arm Pad