MRAY Magnetic Plate Holder

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The M-Ray Magnetic Plate Holder is available in CR/Analogue or Digital models.

It features permanent or switchable (on the digital model) magnetic columns that firmly hold the X-Ray cassettes.

Analogue, CR or DR cassettes of any thickness can be positioned at any orientation.

The thin baseplate means easy positioning underneath patients.

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MRAY Magnetic Plate Holder – Analogue or Digital


  • Improves speed of setup and stability
  • Reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming re-shoots
  • Ideally indicated for:
    • Lateral shoot-through for decubitus Barium Enema
    • Emergency trolley lateral C-Spine
    • Lateral hip / air-gap technique
    • General lateral orthopaedic radiography
    • Paediatric chest, etc
  • By quotation only.


  • (CHMA) CR/Analogue model max’ plate thickness 16 or 26mm (with grid)
  • (CHMD) Digital A suitable for Canon/Philips/Fuji/Siemens etc, 25-26mm thickness with rounded edges
  • (CHMD-B) Digital B suitable for Carestream DRX-1 with or without grid



CR/Analogue, Digital A, Digital B