Mobile DR Plate/Cassette Holders

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These versatile Mobile DR Plate and Cassette Holders have many applications in the X-Ray department and can be used with portable DR panels and CR, DR, and film cassettes and grids from 24x30cm to 35x43cm and up to 3cm thick. They allow the cassettes to be rotated, tilted or swivelled and held securely at an angle, for unlimited positioning possibilities. The cassettes can be removed and replaced easily without altering the position.

They can be used for views of the shoulder, or when lowered, help with the examination of wheelchair patients and are ideal for all routine lateral radiographs.

Available in two models –

  • Mobile DR Plate Holder X
  • Mobile DR Plate Holder Y (as X, but with a heavier base)

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Mobile Cassette Holder

X Model

  • Telescopic width adjustable from 24.5 to 53.5cm
  • Holds full leg and/or spine image receptors at any length
  • Not counterbalanced, but with easy height adjustment from floor level to 120cm
  • Forward reach from column to cassette front is 36cm
  • Holds cassettes up to 3cm thickness

Y Model

  • As above but with a heavier base
  • Forward reach from column to cassette front 49cm
  • Cassette edge to floor 142cm vertically
  • Heavy base and low centre of gravity provides added stability

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Mobile DR Plate Holder X, Mobile DR Plate Holder Y