Neonatal Chest Phantom

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Designed for routine QA monitoring of both CR & DR systems.

See below for specification.

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Neonatal Chest Phantom
  • Addresses recognized concerns by both IPEM & AAPM over both patient exposure and image quality
  • Replicates both the anatomic structure & tissue attenuation characteristics of a real (1-2kg) neonate
  • Contains clinically relevant image quality challenges for resolution and noise in the form of:
  • (a) a lung with simulated pneumothorax with pleural thickening and
  • (b) a lung with simulated hyaline membrane disease
  • Regular use eliminates ‘Dose Creep’ which, due to the automatic scaling used in digital systems, often goes un-noticed
  • Ensures lowest possible exposure whilst maintaining diagnostic image quality
  • Guideline prices only – please get in touch for a quote

Product Code: QA610