Octostop Filter: Prism

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Made from flexible silicone rubber.

Evens out densities in examinations involving high inherent contrast.

Shows all radiological information at one window & level setting.

Available with 21cm or 15cm Prism.

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Compensation Filter (Octostop): Regular or Short Prism

  • Attaches to light beam diaphragm using supplied Velcro
  • Double-contrast barium studies (attach to LBD.
  • Leg Length (attach to LBD instead of using graduated screens)
  • Calcaneum (axial view)
  • Olecranon (axial view)
  • Patella & tibial tuberosity
  • Available Regular Prism (21cm) or Short Prism (15cm)
  • By quotation only

Regular Prism – 21cm, Short Prism – 15cm