Plain Foam Mattress

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This plain foam mattress is made from our standard poly foam, which is radiolucent, has negligible attenuation and is generally artefact free. It provides good support and pressure relief for the patient. The foam is normally blue in colour and available in two different thicknesses depending on your needs.

The foams ability to readily absorb fluids means a cover is recommended when in use. We can provide sewn, welded and anti-static mattresses to accomodate this. Alternatively, plain matress can be used in conjunction with our White Vinyl Covers or Polythene Overslips for extra protection.

Available 2.5cm or 5cm deep, please select your desired option from the drop down box below!

Plain Foam Mattress


  • Uncovered poly foam is CMHR 40
  • Functionally radiolucent and general artefact free
  • Has a non-slip surface
  • Regular colour is blue, but this may vary
  • Firmness rating of 40


  • FP22 – 61 x 198 x 2.5cm deep
  • FP23 – 61 x 198 x 5cm deep

2.5cm Deep, 5cm Deep