Standard Fluoroscopy Set

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These T.V fluoroscopy Test Objects can be used for the assessment of fluoroscopy and fluorography systems. Six laminar test objects are supplied in a protective carrying case together with an instruction manual (and suggested extra reading).

Also included are a video cable with three connectors, two 0.5 mm, one 1.0 mm Cu filters for beam calibration and a Hüttner focus aid.

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QA Standard Fluoroscopy Set

For checking peak white and black level in conjunction with an oscilloscope.

(a) For checking greyscale linearity: nominal 10% contrast steps, plus peak white and black level details. For adjustment of monitor brightness/contrast
(b) Circular geometry: for checking television scan linearity

For checking field size (10mm spacing) and geometry (20mm spacing)

HÜTTNER type 18
Resolution limit: 0.5 to 5.0 line pairs mm-1
To adjust electronic/optical focus in fluoroscopy & small format fluorography

For checking focal homogeneity over the image field
Spatial frequency 0.86 cycles mm-1

For checking low-contrast sensitivity & to quantify noise plus contrast loss
19 details, 11 mm in diameter, with a contrast range 14.8% to 0.42%

Threshold-contrast detail-detectability:
Pattern of 108 details in 12 sizes, 9 contrasts
Used to plot the Contrast Detail Index for overall image quality

Cu fillters available separately.


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