Precision Resolution Greyscale Phantom

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Ideal for evaluations of axial resolution, lateral resolution, dead zone cyst imaging, vertical & horizontal distance accuracy & image uniformity.

Also contains triangular grey scale targets which test the resolution of today’s high-performance ultrasound scanners.

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Precision Resolution Greyscale Phantom
  • Unique to this model are two horizontal cross fibres located in the middle of the phantom. These fibres help the user align the transducer & can be used as a reference “marker” to ensure that QA tests are consistently performed on the same scan slice
  • When both fibres are illuminated, the user can be certain the transducer is exactly perpendicular to the scanning surface
  • Anechoic cysts 2, 4 & 6mm at 3, 8 &14 cm depth
  • Greyscale targets 9.5 x 9.5 x 10.9mm at a depth of 4cm
  • Contrast -6 & +6dB & high scatter relative to background
  • Pin targets 0.1mm diameter