Weight Adjuster Belt for Aprons

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Weight Adjuster Belts are a great addition to lead aprons, as they redistribute the weight from the shoulders to the waist/hip area. In doing this, they provide extra support to the lumbar region and make the apron more comfortable to wear for longer periods. They are fastened around the outside of the apron, and we therefore recommend ordering one size bigger than your apron (i.e. medium size apron = large belt) to allow for the thickness of the apron.

To use, release the two elastic side tensioner straps and then fasten comfortably around the waist. Tension the side straps and fasten whilst shrugging your shoulders. Re-adjust as necessary for support and comfort.

Please select your desired size from the drop-down box below!

Weight Adjuster Belts
  • The belts come as standard on our Wrap Around Polycoatee aprons
  • Place and fasten on the outside of the apron (can be placed internally if required)
  • Feature 2 elasticated side-tensioner straps for adjustment as necessary
  • For maximum weight redistribution, shrug your shoulders and hold, whilst tensioning the side straps and re-fasten
  • Please choose one size bigger than your apron to allow for the apron thickness

Belt Sizes

Small: 60-80cm / 24 – 32” (WBWS)

Medium: 71-90cm / 28 – 36” (WBWM)

Large: 80-100cm / 32 – 39” (WBWL)

Extra Large: 90-110cm / 36 – 44” (WBWX)

XX Large: 121-144cm / 48 – 57” (WBWZ)


Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large

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