Rothband joins the British Institute of Radiology

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) is delighted to welcome Rothband as a corporate member.
BIR corporate subscribers are encouraged to join the BIR community and to collaborate in developing educational events and to get involved with publishing activities.

Rothband, one of the first manufacturers in the medical imaging market, has a wide range of products including radiation safety clothing, furniture and structural protection as well as products for the MRI and ultrasound room.

Andy Rogers, President of the BIR said “It is a pleasure to welcome Rothband to the BIR. Like the BIR, Rothband has its roots in the history of radiology but is also at the forefront of innovation. We look forward to collaborating with Rothband to spread the word about radiation safety best practice.”

Paul Dixon, Managing Director of Rothband said “Joining the BIR will help us to keep connect and link with our multidisciplinary customers across the UK and beyond. We look forward to a strong working relationship with the BIR.”

Photo: Paul Dixon, Managing Director, Rothband (left) with Andy Rogers, President of the BIR.