We Have Moved

Rothband has moved to a new location in the heart of Burnley. As one of the only British owned and run companies, manufacturing x-ray protection, we have relocated due to unprecedented growth triggered by the success of our bilayer materials. These materials have played a role in revolutionising the global x-ray protection market and Rothband has been at the forefront of these changes. The expansion earmarks the companies commitment to continue to invest in production and development, introducing new manufacturing technologies and creating jobs, so we may better serve our customers at home and expand our international footprint by increasing our export business. Doing our bit to improve the UK economy.

Managing Director, Paul Dixon says: “the company’s staff will benefit from this new space not only due to our growing business, but also because it is important to provide the right physical environment which allows us to update the manufacturing workflow and introduce the new technologies that will help us maintain a competitive pricing structure and reduce lead times.

Please visit our contact us page for our new address details.