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We have manufactured lead aprons for more than 100 years and our mission is to offer the very highest levels of Radiation Protection to our clients across the UK and Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.

Since our beginning, we have been at the forefront of medical imaging and continually looking for ways were we can bring innovative new products and technologies to medical imaging departments.

We now consider ourselves to be THE one stop shop for all your radiology needs.

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Scatter Cap Light - Semi Disposable Head Protection for Interventionalists

A lighter alternative to our Scatter Cap product, the Scatter Cap Light offers reduced weight in a more comfortable cover.

The Scatter Cap Light, is made of a lead free composite, allowing it to be easily disposed of and comes in a range of lead equivalences depending on your needs.

All core material utilised in this product conform to the new IEC 61331-1:2014 standard.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Edge Bilayer takes advantage of the physics associated with using individual layers of specific materials to provide the maximum attenuation by eliminating the scatter and fluorescence associated with the low atomic weight metals typically used in Lead-free or low-Lead composites. Tested and certified for attenuation and Lead equivalence by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK, against a full range of kV (50kV to 150kV) using broad beam geometry, Edge Bilayer performs in accordance with all major standards, including IEC 61331-1:2014 and DIN 6857-1.

Edge Bilayer - The biggest advancement in radiation protection for more than a generation

Edge Bilayers unique methodology is the single biggest advancement in flexible radiation protection materials for medical environments for more than a generation.

The technical advantages of the bilayer approach in terms of safety, weight and comfort, enable protective garments to provide up to 20 per cent reduction in absorbed dose than competitors’ Lead composite materials and 40% better performance than Lead-free alternatives at comparable Pb equivalence.*

* All claims about the performance of the Edge Bilayer material relate to performance against scatter radiation and measurements of absorbed dose. Further details available on request.

MD 220 Airlifter - Safer positioning for radiographers and patients

The MD 220 Airlifted is the UK’s first air powered patient lift.

The unique design allows radiographers to position patients for standing examinations in a much safer way.

NHS manual handling guidelines based on the European Directive 1992 (HSE 2004) expects employers to risk assess their manual handling activities with the expectation that they should work to avoid or reduce the need for manual handling operations through a greater investment in mechanisation.

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Our new catalogue is out now!

You can download the PDF from the link at the foot of this page or if you prefer the real thing…. Call us, and we will send you a paper version.



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