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We have manufactured Lead Aprons for more than 100 years and our mission is to offer the very highest levels of Radiation Protection to our clients across the UK and Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.

Since our beginning, we have been at the forefront of medical imaging and continually looking for ways were we can bring innovative new products and technologies to medical imaging departments.

We now consider ourselves to be THE one stop shop for all your radiology needs.

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Radiation Protection - Redefined

Previously, medical professionals have had to make a compromise between protection and wearer comfort. Lead has always been the most effective way of protecting against radiation, but it comes at a heavy price.

Light-weight alternatives are much easier on the shoulders, making it a better option for interventionists but the presences of the K-edge has always left a question mark over their effectiveness against low energy scatter radiation.

The OPTIMUS Range, redefines radiation protection by bringing together better protection, better design and the lightest weight on the market.

No more need to compromise!

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MD 220 Airlifter - Safer positioning for radiographers and patients

The MD 220 Airlifted is the UK’s first air powered patient lift.

The unique design allows radiographers to position patients for standing examinations in a much safer way.

NHS manual handling guidelines based on the European Directive 1992 (HSE 2004) expects employers to risk assess their manual handling activities with the expectation that they should work to avoid or reduce the need for manual handling operations through a greater investment in mechanisation.

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New Interventional Catalogue - Out Now

Our new interventional catalogue is out now.

You can download the PDF from the link at the foot of this page or if you prefer the real thing…. Call us, and we will send you a paper version.

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