The global topic of axillary & breast protection is currently at the forefront of radiation safety as some procedures can expose clinicians to ionising radiation in this anatomical area.

The first line of defence is always a well-fitted lead apron. Selecting the right size apron and armhole is always the best approach. However, in most cases it is challenging to incorporate suitable axilla protection when the arm is in a raised position, exposing radio-sensitive tissues.

 This is where the mammo-shield™ comes in. Specially designed to sit comfortably under the arm and move with the wearer to help provide protection in this vulnerable area.

Designed Alongside Surgeons

The Mammo-shield™ has been designed alongside female surgeons to provide a comfortable, easy to apply shielding that can be worn with any existing apron design.

Registered Design: IPO-6284862, Hague - WIPO138185

Wear with any apron

No need to buy a complete new garment, the Mammo Shield can be worn 

with any existing x-ray apron.

Simple QA

Due to the stress the shield will be under (with multi directional creasing) the

Mammo Shield has been designed so it can easily be screened, on a regular basis to ensure no cracks have developed. 

Moves with you

The unique elasticated design facilitates the shield moving upwards, to cover the axila, when the arms are raised.

Comfort for all

A combination of five adjustable elastic straps allows the shield to be configured to a variety of different body shapes.

Available to buy online

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