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ProBelt 200
ProBelt is the first completely hook-and-loop-free belt system and allows a perfectly hygienic fixation of patients on the CT. The ProBelts are available in 200mm and 350mm widths and are compatible with the CT tables of all common equipment manufacturers using different rail adapters.
ProBelt 200 Thorax PFC
Thorax/abdomen examinations are routine CT examinations in which the patient’s arms are usually positioned above the head.

However, if the patient’s arms cannot be positioned above the head, correct and stable positioning are all the more important in order to avoid “photon degeneration artifacts” and not to increase the radiation exposure unnecessarily.
Wrap Kilt
This wrap design, provides double the level of protection at the overlap
3 Piece Kilt
Our 3 piece kilt is a well ventilated design that offers a lighter weight solution.
Jacket Top
Custom sizes by quotation only
Wrap Around MK II
This wrap around design achieves outstanding performance in terms of weight and radiation protection.
The wrap around, is a 'closed design 'and provides side protection as well as additional protection in the important areas at the front.
Reduction of the weight burden on the spinal column is achieved via and orthopaedic weight support belt.

Standard Top
Custom sizes by quotation only
Endurance Top
The endurance top has been designed with consideration to healthcare professionals who work in interventional environments.

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