Online Catalogue

Paediatric Bone Fracture Phantom "PBU-70B"
Improve skills in detecting bone fractures in children and cultivate awareness of child maltreatment.
Chest Plates for Lungman
Multipurpose Chest Phantom N1 "LUNGMAN"
TOUGH Whole Body Phantom "PBU-90 RUGGED"
New phantom material is designed for rough handling,
improved durability and less maintenance
Lumbar Spine Fluoroscopy Training Phantom
Lumbar Spine Fluoroscopy Training Phantom
Newborn Whole Body Phantom
Newborn Whole Body Phantom
CT Colonography Phantom NCCS
Innovative study tool for safe and effective CT Colon screening
CT Prostate Phantom
Excellent phantom for therapy planning of prostate cancer
Dynamic Heart and Lung Phantom
The motion of diaphragm and tumor, and the realistic heart motions provide various solutions for clinical research
CT Abdomen Phantom
CT Abdomen Phantom
CT Torso Phantom
A one-piece anthropomorphic torso phantom with anatomical structures allows various CT approaches including helical scanning

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