Instadose Dosimetry Services

Radiation Safety Amplified

Dosimetry. Transformed.

The instadose family of dosimeters is transforming the way facilities manage their radiation monitoring programs. Now immediate dose reads can be captured by smart phones, tablets, or internet enabled computers. With instadose dosimeters in your facility you can increase dosimetry compliance and lower dose for high risk employees with ease.


The instadose+ dosimetry system revolutionizes the way RSOs manage their radiation monitoring programs. From automatic dose reads captured by iPhones, iPads, or PCs; to high dose notification alerts and online badge reassignments - this system simplifies the administration of any radiation monitoring program.
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Immediate dose readings can be performed from any computer with internet access by connecting the instadose dosimeter (x-ray badge) to your USB port and logging into your secure online account. Based upon proprietary direct ion storage technology, the instadose device includes access to each users historical and current exposure readings online. There is no need to send badges to a processing center, simplifying administration and reducing costs.
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