The Simple Up® allows you to lift your patient, easily and safely to the best height to make load- bearing x-rays of lower limbs and standing long legs Simple. 

Simple Up®  has a very low step up height helping you to prevent patients falls. It offers unrestricted patient movement, flexible patient positioning, is safe and improves ergonomics for staff.

Great for Staff


Simple to use

The Simple Up is simple to use and quick to operate, enabling to to focus on the patient and the procedure.

Infection Control

A sleek easy to clean design helps to adhere to local infection control guidelines.

Less Bending

By raising the patient, the is no longer any need for staff to bend down. Reducing the chance of back injury.

Even Better for the Patient



Completely nullifies a potential injury from being occurred from climbing steps.

Less Traumatic

Many reports show clients tend to have huge anxiety spikes when climbing steps if they aren't confident.

Quicker Procedure

Massively decreases the time spent during the procedure with the ease of movement and positioning of the patient.