Online Catalogue

FP04 20° Wedge - Plain Foam
20° Wedge 18x23x6cm
D-Shaped Block - Plain Foam
D-Shaped Block 15x25x5cm
Rectangular Block - Plain Foam
Rectangular Block 18x23x6cm
Standard Set - Plain Foam
Set 9 Assorted Shapes (FP02, 2xFP03, 2xFP04, 2xFP05, 2xFP06)
PearlTec Hand Vacuum Pump
Hand Vacuum-Pump is MR-compatible and can be used to
withdraw air from vacuum cushions.
CT Table Cover (Canon)
The CT Table Covers are protective sleeves made of PU foil and are available
for CT table covers from various manufacturers. The specially designed flaps
provide additional safety and the high-quality materials and workmanship
make the product hard-wearing and durable.
Multipad Standard
Dimensions: 17 x 6 cm, Variable Thickness: 2 – 5 cm
The MULTIPAD Standard is particularly suitable for situations
where there are no specific restrictions.
Multipad Slim
Dimensions: 17 x 9 cm, Variable Thickness: 1 – 3 cm
The MULTIPAD Slim is particularly suitable for situations where
space is limited.
Multipad Research Kit
MULTIPAD Ear, Bendy und Slim, MULTIPAD Cover, Handpump,
various tubes, connectors and clamps.
Multipad Plus
Dimensions: 17 x 11 cm, Variable Thickness: 2 – 5 cm
The MULTIPAD Plus is particularly suitable to fill larger gaps.

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