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X-Ray Multi-Meter for Service and QA in R&F and Dental

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    Brand: Quart

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    The QUART didoNEO line of meters introduce a new approach to the market of diagnostic x-ray measurement:

    • The system features the lightest multi-functional base unit ever designed in our industry.

    • didoNEO sports the smallest and thinnest multi-parameter detector available.

    • The user can access a waveform preview on the unit’s display in the field – without the need to access a PC or laptop.

    • Up to 10.000 exposures are stored in the memory for future reference or reporting.

    Base Unit

    The didoNEO's base unit (and detector) is optimised in size and weight. They represent both the most compact x-ray meter sensor and base unit in the industry. The unit screen enables an exposure wave form preview - simply tilt the device to show. Zoom-in and out for detailed visual analysis of the exposure graph.


    The compact detector design enables measurements at locations with limited space, for instance behind scatter radiation grids to determine the equipment attenuation factor. The small size also has a very low influence on fluoroscopy AEC. The detector can be easily and efficiently positioned at dental panoramic x-ray equipment*. Direct-HVL and Total Filtration measurement are integrated and calibrated upon delivery and are not charged extra.

    Technical specifications

    General Features
    • Exposures: one to acquire all parameters
    • Mode: auto-start, auto-stop & auto-reset
    • Power supply: rechargeable Li Ion accu
    • Battery time: approx. 10 working hours until recharge required
    • Base size: 12 x 7 x 2 cm (LxWxH)
    • System weight: 200 g
    • Detector size: 6.0 x 1.8 x 0.7 cm (LxWxH)
    • Detector weight: negligible (!)
    • Dose
    • Dose-Width Product*
    • Dose Rate Real-time / Maximum / Average / Half Exposure
    • kV max. / kV eff. (PPV)
    • Pulse / Pulse Rate
    • Exposure Time (IEC 60601-2-54) / Radiation Time
    • Direct-HVL
    • Total Filtration
    • Dose: 1 µGy – 1 Gy (Uncertainty ±5%, Resolution 0.1 µGy)
    • DWP: 1 µGy*cm - 1 Gy*cm (Uncertainty ±5%, Resolution 0.1 µGy*cm)
    • Dose Rate: 0.5 µGy/s – 1 Gy/s (Uncertainty ±5%, Resolution 0.1 µGy/s)
    • kV: 40–125 kV at 1.0 – 8.5 mm Al total filtration (Uncertainty ±6 % or considerably better at known medical radiation qualities, Resolution 0.1 kV)
    • Pulse: 1– 65.000 (Uncertainty 1 Pulse, Resolution Single Pulse)
    • Pulse Rate: 0.1– 250 Pulses/s
    • Time: 0.2 ms – 296 s (Uncertainty ±0.7 ms, Resolution 0.1 ms)
    • Direct-HVL: 0.8 – 13.3 mm Al at 1–50 mm total filtration, 40 – 150 kV (Uncertainty ±6%, Resolution 0.1mm)
    • Total Filtration: 1.0 – 8.5 mm Al at 60 – 90 kV (Uncertainty ±7%, Resolution 0.1 mm)


    Measurement Uncertainty Definition

    Uncertainty is stated as relative combined standard uncertainty calculated according to JCGM 100:2008 (GUM) and JCGM 101:2008 (GUM Supplement 1). Included are all quantities of influence as specified in DIN EN 61674:2015-11 using the maximum permissible deviation as conservative estimate unless specific measurement results are available. The declared values apply over a wide range of exposure conditions, but may be exceeded for combinations of very low dose and low dose rate.


    Data Transfer
    • Micro-USB 2.0 (Micro B – USB A cable)
    • USB connection actived upon delivery

    * S A Mitchell and C J Martin, Comparison of ionisation chamber and semiconductor detector devices for measurement of the dose–width product for panoramic dental units, J. Radiol. Prot. 33 321 (2013).

    >> Link to Article


    In 1999 the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) recommended the introduction of DWP for the measurement of patient dose in panoramic dental radiology.

    The DWP has further been recommended as a dose reference by: Napier ID. Reference doses for dental radiography. Br Dent J (1999) 186: 392–6.

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